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Have a technology project in mind? We’ll put our best minds on the case.

Whether you have a specific idea in mind for a new app or software program, or you’re looking for help in brainstorming an electronic solution to a specific challenge, Intelligent Mobile Support can help. Our engineering and development team embraces the opportunity to think outside the box and deliver state-of-the-art tools that give you a competitive advantage.

In fact, every one of our core products began as a solution to a specific company’s need. We helped them think through their challenge, identify desired features and functions, and implement the solution in the field. These companies chose to share the technology industry-wide, but others choose to keep proprietary rights. Whether you choose to hold exclusive rights or to commercialize your custom electronic tool, IMS is prepared to support your efforts.



to discuss your idea and how we can help make it a reality.


I was WOWed by the customer support and follow-through IMS provided. You went beyond the scope of service I expected, even helping us in other areas of our business.

Furnace World, Colorado Springs, CO

We’ve seen an increase in high-SEER equipment sales, which I attribute to Sales Builder Pro’s easy-to-understand options format. When you give the customer options, they are less likely to shop around and more willing to sign your proposal.

Colonial Plumbing & Heating Company, Colonial Hts, VA

My team has achieved 5% increases in both average ticket price and same-day close rate with Sales Builder Pro. The accessibility of information, customer engagement in selecting options, and proposal-building feature help us sell more in less time.

Michael & Son Services, Alexandria, VA