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Help your customers sell more of YOUR products!

For distributors, Sales Builder Pro offers an exciting level of insight into the day-to-day sales process of a contractor. By signing on as a distributor with Sales Builder Pro, the Intelligent Mobile Support team will work with you to create and maintain your price book so contractors can sign up and implement the app quickly and easily.

We will also work with you to market and even co-op the app, helping your contractors to find more success in the in-home sales process, selling more of YOUR products!

Interested in setting up your company with Sales Builder Pro to get your contractors up and running? Set up a meeting with our team to discuss!
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I was WOWed by the customer support and follow-through IMS provided. You went beyond the scope of service I expected, even helping us in other areas of our business.

Furnace World, Colorado Springs, CO

We’ve seen an increase in high-SEER equipment sales, which I attribute to Sales Builder Pro’s easy-to-understand options format. When you give the customer options, they are less likely to shop around and more willing to sign your proposal.

Colonial Plumbing & Heating Company, Colonial Hts, VA

My team has achieved 5% increases in both average ticket price and same-day close rate with Sales Builder Pro. The accessibility of information, customer engagement in selecting options, and proposal-building feature help us sell more in less time.

Michael & Son Services, Alexandria, VA