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Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc. (IMS) addresses the large and growing billion-dollar market to improve the productivity and profitability of field sales and service teams. We are focused on transforming the residential sales and service process for HVAC contractors.

Our vision is crystal clear – create extraordinary value for contractors who sell, install and service residential and light commercial equipment. Our go-to-market strategy is aligned with the industry supply chain including OEMs, distributors, and contractors.

Our market traction in the residential industry has been spurred by deep relationships with key market leaders including leading OEMs, distributors, and contractors. For example, we have a dominant position with the largest HVAC contractors in the market yet serve small and mid-size contractors equally well.

In our first investment round, investors selected IMS based on our vision, innovative technology, and early market success. But the fact that all of these professional investment groups reinvested in IMS is a true compliment to our extraordinary team, continued market traction and the potential to scale the business.

We are looking to grow and growth capital discussions are always welcome. So, give us a call to discuss how an investment in our SaaS business might be the right fit for you.

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