Close More Deals In Less Time

Eliminate redundant data entry in the field,
minimize sales process delays, and
end lost or missing paperwork.

FieldEdge partnered with Intelligent Mobile Support, makers of Sales Builder Pro, to help you present, propose and close more business.

With Sales Builder Pro, you'll be able to quote your unitary, ductless and boilers brands in a matter of minutes - right at the kitchen table, enabling you to close more sales on the first visit, win deals at a higher ticket price and dramatically reduce your proposal preparation time.

Get the Sales Builder Pro to FieldEdge integration and take your sales process to the next level.

Integration Overview

  • Customer Database: FieldEdge (FE) is used as the database of record for customer info. Eliminate redundant data entry.

    1. Sales Call Scheduling: Use the Sales Builder Pro Schedule View to setup appointments from your office PC. Search for the Field Edge customer and create a job in Sales Builder for the sales rep without re-entering any data.

    2. Advantages: It's fast, accurate, and you'll keep all your customer data intact in FieldEdge.

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Learn How To Crush Your Competition
Become an HVAC Market Leader.

  • App. See how to use the app to build complete, accurate, and winning proposals in under 5 minutes.
  • Management Portal. See how your equipment gets priced, how to manage your margins, and how to customize the app.
  • Business Tools. See how to track team performance and help coach them to success
  • Workflow. See the workflow from scheduled sales call, to customer and back-office emails, to profitable installs.
  • Options. See how our most popular option - the Quality Installation Checklist - improves profitability.
We'll also explain everything you need to get started.