Deal Manager

Deal Manager


Use Deal Manager to Stay On Top of Your Proposal Pipeline

Get more follow-up wins with our Deal Manager feature. Deal Manager makes it easy to track pending proposals, receive customer approval remotely, and collaborate across your organization — allowing you to more easily close deals stuck in your proposal pipeline.

Deal Manager’s robust search capability allows you to automatically search proposals by status and prioritize their follow-up sales activities.

Use Deal Manager to instantly search pending deals by the following categories:

  • 2-day “hot” deals
  • 7-day “warm” deals
  • 30-day “cold” deals

Sales Builder Pro is the only tool on the market that provides a quick and easy pending deal search function. Designed to reflect the follow-up sales process HVAC contractors live by, it allows contractors to start each day with a prioritized to-do list and follow up with deals by age, leading to more wins.

As a sales manager's dream machine, it provides instant data on the total number of proposals, wins, and new appointments — providing visibility into the complete sales pipeline with no extra user fees.

Verify Multi-Option Wins Prompts you to verify the customer accepted a quote with more than 1 option to avoid any confusion with rejected proposals.

Deal Notes Apply color-coded comments to proposals to share important updates with your team.

Remote Deal Acceptance

Pending Deal Search

Improve Deal Management

Efficient Timeline Tracking

Unique to Sales Builder Pro, timeline tracking allows you to see what was presented, in what sequence, and for how long. This gives owners and sales managers the ability to know what’s going on inside the home during a sales call. It’s the first and only app to allow you to manage your sales team remotely. 


The Industry’s Best Guide to Sales Growth and Profitability!

We know how hard you work to grow your business. With all the online marketing, sales support, and finance tools available today, sometimes it can be confusing about what works best to drive sales. That’s why we created a simple 10-Step Guide to Digital Sales Tools that gives you proven best practices and insights direct from our customers.

Our guide will teach you how to:

  • Sell more in less time.
  • Become more profitable and preserve your margins.
  • Build a better business.

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