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Transform Your Sales Approach With Our Revolutionary Tools!

Ready to revolutionize your approach to promoting clean, healthy air to homeowners? Your search ends here!

Introducing our cutting-edge tools, designed to simplify your sales strategy and deliver unprecedented results.

  • The video serves a dual purpose: it initiates a discovery discussion with homeowners about the importance of clean, healthy air, and positions your Comfort Consultants as expert guides in selecting the right solutions
  • The six informative attachments also provide compelling visuals and informative content that are designed to resonate with homeowners, simplifying the complexities of air quality

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Pro Branding


Stand Out From the Crowd With Pro Branding

In an era where branding and user experience are paramount, Sales Builder Pro's Pro Branding package aims to empower businesses to stand out and leave a lasting impression on their clients. This comprehensive package offers a range of design and branding services that breathe new life into the Sales Builder Pro platform.

For just $99 per month, you get:

  • Home Screen Graphics
  • Company Graphic
  • Proposal Cover Page

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Beyond Good-Better-Best

Release 9 Personalize Buyer Experience

Every Customer is Different

That's why Sales Builder Pro Release 9*  has transformed residential HVAC sales from a cookie-cutter approach to a personalized buying experience that today's consumers demand.

Release 9 moves beyond traditional good-better-best, one-size-fits-all selling to a fully personalized yet productive sales process. 

  • Customize Proposal Names, Option Names, and Descriptions
  • Add Personal Recommendations
  • Showcase Savings and Discounts

*Release 9 is available now for iPad and will be ready in the Fall of 2022 for Android tablets.

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Select Payment Plans

Recommend and Compare Payments

Recommend, Compare, and Select Payment Plans

Let's face it, most consumers think of HVAC as a utility - gas, water, phone, or Internet. An HVAC payment is just the monthly cost to be comfortable in their own home. So, that's one of the new ways the fastest growing HVAC contractors now sell HVAC. Release 9* puts the "sell the payment" strategy on steroids:

  • Recommend, Compare, and Select from among a variety of payment Plans - cash, finance, or even a lease
  • Focus on the Monthly Payment - so your customers can afford what they want and need, and you get more wins and higher ticket prices.
  • In the past, you offered three equipment tiers. Now, you can also provide multiple ways to pay, including Worry-Free Home Comfort payment options from Serice 1st Finance.

When there are more ways to pay, there are more ways to win.

*Release 9 is available now for iPad and will be ready in the Fall of 2022 for Android tablets

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Financing Programs

Finance feature release 9 June 2022

Make It EASY to Offer Choice

We're compatible with everyone - so you can offer multiple finance payment plans to fit your needs and those of your customers.

Get more value from these partners 

Shown above, Release 9 on iPad. Release 9 for Android will be available in the Fall of 2022.

Rewards Pro – Avoid Financing Fees, and Pay for Sales Builder Pro at the same time! 

Rewards Pro offers flexible financing that your customers will love, with an innovative rebate program that credits your annual renewal fee to Sales Builder Pro. Explore our NO DEALER FEE programs, learn how to use its built-in rewards to pay for Sales Builder Pro, and details of our partnership with Upgrade, Inc. 

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Ductless Design Tools


Everything Is Organized For You

Sales Builder Pro is the only solution that includes Ductless Design Tools so you can win ductless jobs on a single trip.

Ductless Design is now available for:

  • American Standard
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi Electric Trane
  • Trane
  • Fujitsu

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Install Manager Pro


More Profitable Installs

With our Site Survey and Install Manager Pro tools, you’ll finally have what you need to convert every install into one that makes money.

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Setup and Implementation


Short on labor? We can help!

Our Customer Success team provides professional tools and services to make it quick and easy to use Sales Builder Pro:

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Good – Better – Best Proposals


Win More Sales in Less Time

Only Sales Builder Pro works so effectively to help you sell more in less time, with good – better – best proposals, our one-of-a-kind Comfort Survey, and more tools than anyone else offers to earn that one-call close.

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Form Builder Pro


Improve Your Productivity and Profitability

Help your team gather everything needed for an organized, documented, and profitable install with the automatic recordkeeping capabilities of Form Builder Pro. Now you can go paperless with our five custom forms.

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Field Service Management Integrations


Boost Your Profits

Make it easy for your team to manage the sales process and increase your profits with field service management integrations.

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Deal Manager


Stay in Front of Your Team’s Pending Deal Pipeline

It’s every sales manager’s dream machine — by using our Deal Manager and Time tracking tools, you’ll be able to keep in front of your entire team’s pending deal pipeline and manage their time allocations.

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The Industry’s Best Guide to Sales Growth and Profitability!

We know how hard you work to grow your business. With all the online marketing, sales support, and finance tools available today, sometimes it can be confusing about what works best to drive sales. That’s why we created a simple 10-Step Guide to Digital Sales Tools that gives you proven best practices and insights direct from our customers.

Our guide will teach you how to:

  • Sell more in less time.
  • Become more profitable and preserve your margins.
  • Build a better business.

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