Rewards Pro – Avoid Financing Fees, and Pay for Sales Builder Pro at the same time!

Rewards Pro offers flexible financing that your customers will love, with an innovative rebate program that credits your annual renewal fee to Sales Builder Pro. Explore our NO DEALER FEE programs, learn how to use its built-in rewards to pay for Sales Builder Pro, and details of our partnership with Upgrade, Inc.

$119Per User
Per Month
Billed Annually
$159Per User
Per Month
Billed Annually
$189Per User
Per Month
Billed Annually
Plus a one-time setup fee of $600 per company
Pro Branding
In an era where branding and user experience are paramount, Sales Builder Pro's Pro Branding package aims to empower businesses to stand out and leave a lasting impression on their clients. This comprehensive package offers a range of design and branding services that breathe new life into the Sales Builder Pro platform.
An additional $99/month
An additional $99/month
An additional $99/month
An additional $99/month
Essential App Capability
Sales Builder Pro runs on iPad and Android tablets. PAID USERS can present, configure, price, calculate finance payments, and close sales on the app. Completed proposals are sent to the cloud — via the Management Portal. Proposals are then visible to office personnel (no-charge users) on Internet-connected PCs.
Ductless Design Tools
Sales Builder Pro is the only solution that includes ductless design calculations, which can help you win ductless jobs on a single trip.
Financing Programs
Together with our partners at Hearth, PowerPay, and Service 1st, you can close more deals with the easiest financing tools available. Our financing programs make it easy for you to offer choice.
Management Portal
The Management Portal allows you to adjust — dial in — the app to the way you work.
Business Tools
Run a better business with our powerful suite of business tools. They allow you to manage your sales team from afar — knowing what they presented, in what sequence, and for how long.
Schedule Jobs
We provide fast, flexible job scheduling. For example, you can use your office-based PC and an Internet browser to schedule a sales appointment on the app of a paid user. Or, if you’re already on the job site, you can use the Quick Proposal feature to start selling immediately.
Deal Manager
Deal Manager makes it easy to track all the moving pieces in everyone’s pipeline, so you can follow up on deals at just the right moment.
Comfort Survey
This feature helps you focus on your customer’s personal comfort needs on a room-by-room basis. You’ll be better prepared to discuss equipment efficiency and the impact on energy bills. Plus, you’ll have everything you need for a successful follow-up call.
Install Manager Pro
With this module, you’ll no longer have to worry about part runs, rollovers, or callbacks. Let the app’s smart technology take care of the routine install details — materials, labor, and risk.
Site Surveys (3)
This feature helps contractors eliminates unscheduled rollover days and wasted return trips problems — improving your bottom line. You’ll get three professionally designed Site Surveys — one each for unitary, boilers, and ductless — and get a better install every time.
Custom Forms (5)
Go paperless with our five custom forms. Each form can be customized to your business needs. NOTE: Form setup is NOT INCLUDED. Form design and setup cost extra.
Third-Party Integrations
Sales Builder Pro integrates with market-leading field service management solutions, such as ServiceTitan and FieldEdge, to further improve your productivity and profitability.

Add-Ons and Enhancements

Additional customizations to enhance Sales Builder Pro.

Additional Large Brands* (up to 500 models)
$828/company/year — The recurring fee pays for data maintenance.

Additional Small Brands* (up to 100 models)

Additional Models** (increments of 100)

Additional Price Books (Home Depot, etc.)

*Includes available brochures.

**Over and above the 500 provided as standard.

Note: Although there is no hard limit to the number of models the app can support, downloads may time out, and tablet performance may become sluggish when more than 5,000 models are uploaded.

The recurring fee pays for data maintenance.

25 Extra Accessories
$63 One-time setup fee.
There is no recurring fee as the contractor manages items in the management portal.

25 Extra Add-On Services
$63 One-time setup fee.

Additional Trade Types — Plumbing or Electrical
Call for Quote

The app supports multiple trade types such as plumbing or electrical. Due to the possible complexity of your business, please contact us for a custom quote.

Users in Multiple Sites
$20/user/month with annual prepay.


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