Ductless Design Tools

Ductless Design Tools

Sales Builder Pro is the only solution that includes ductless design calculations so you can even win ductless jobs on a single trip.

We have exclusive ductless design features for the following OEM equipment:

  • American Standard
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi Electric Trane
  • Trane
  • Fujitsu

Just enter a piping layout, visually select compatible indoor units, and all design considerations are checked. This prevents you from making the most common design mistakes.


Set your design criteria



Select an outdoor unit and enter your piping layout.



Virtually select an indoor unit.



View your design - see the heating and cooling capacity room by room,


Example: Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC for ductless brands

Our OEM partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC for ductless brands means that over 4,700 rules and math formulas are managed by the app. We create and add a branded proposal banner with your logo, colors, and style.

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Mitsubishi Electric Trane Features

M-Series and Equivalent Models Included

All M-Series indoor and outdoor units carried by your distributor are included.

P-Series and Equivalent Models Included

All P-Series indoor and outdoor units carried by your distributor are included.

Equivalent Pipe Length Adjustments

The piping layout captures length and number of bends. The app then calculates the equivalent pipe length and adjusts capacity. It won't accept an equivalent pipe length outside of the design range in order to prevent mistakes.

Altitude Adjustments

The app adjusts capacity based on altitude. Save your local altitude in settings. You can adjust for the working altitude of any job outside your local area.

Maximum Pipe Length Check

The app knows the maximum pipe length for all units; it checks so you don't exceed this on your layout. The app won't accept an equivalent pipe length (based on the number of bends) outside of the design range to prevent mistakes.

ims-features-06-ductless-design-2Ductless Layout

Layout view captures pipe length, bends, branch boxes, distribution pipe (joint), and IDU height above or below ODU.

Mistake Proof

It won't let you enter an out-of-range value.

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