Financing Programs

Financing Programs

Want help to clear the biggest sales hurdle you face?

Offer finance to overcome the most common objection to closing a deal — the initial purchase price. You'll win more deals and bigger deals too.

Many of today’s customers typically prefer a low monthly payment rather than a lump sum.

One of the fastest-growing residential HVAC companies in the country finances 72% of their deals.


Want to raise your average ticket price?

Use the monthly payment as an opportunity to make it inexpensive and easy for customers to add upgrades and options for a higher average ticket price.

See the case study below to learn more.

Finance feature release 9 June 2022

Simplified Financing Programs

It’s important to make it easy for customers to understand and buy financing. And it’s important to make it easy for your team to sell it. We’ve made it easier to add some of the newer financing solutions through partnerships that simplify the setup of the following programs.

Hearth - No dealer fees per loan

This program presents multiple financing options to your customer in just a few minutes! Hearth allows you to show the customer a clear benefits brochure and an “explainer” video that showcases the program’s financial benefits immediately. Then, on the customer's own device, they can enter their information and receive their financing bids during your sales visit, delivering a contact-free experience. Learn more about Sales Builder Pro and Hearth financing.

Use this link to save $200 on the annual setup fee. 



This program offers consumer financing solutions with 0% dealer fees and rates starting at 4.99% — with an instant loan approval process. PowerPay's integrated financing options deliver an easy way to pay for the project with low, affordable monthly payments over time. Learn more about Sales Builder Pro and PowerPay financing.

Service 1st Financial

Service 1st's Premier Program™ is a worry-free service that allows homeowners to replace and upgrade their heating, cooling, and plumbing systems for a low monthly payment. By creating a superior customer service experience, the program eliminates the common pain points associated with owning, maintaining, and repairing these systems. Learn more about Sales Builder Pro and Service 1st financing.

Case Study: What Difference Can Financing Make?

Hundreds of thousands for the owner. Ten's of thousands for the Comfort Consultant. Here's how ...

An owner, who asked to be kept anonymous, has two reps and equally splits the sales leads. After they got Sales Builder Pro, they sat down as a team to see how quoting financing affected their business.

Offering Financing (%)
Average Ticket ($)
Win Rate (%)
Annual Sales ($)
Base Plus Commissions ($)

The owner’s story: “One of my reps quoted financing more often. He had higher tickets, higher sales, and earned more. This was a real wake-up call for my other rep. Sales Builder Pro’s metrics finally convinced my second rep to change his approach. Now, it’s neck and neck — each rep quotes financing about 70% of the time. Both are selling more for me and earning more for their families.”

Contact us to learn more about how financing can help you build a better business.

The Industry’s Best Guide to Sales Growth and Profitability!

We know how hard you work to grow your business. With all the online marketing, sales support, and finance tools available today, sometimes it can be confusing about what works best to drive sales. That’s why we created a simple 10-Step Guide to Digital Sales Tools that gives you proven best practices and insights direct from our customers.

Our guide will teach you how to:

  • Sell more in less time.
  • Become more profitable and preserve your margins.
  • Build a better business.

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