Good – Better – Best Proposals

Good – Better – Best Proposals

You only get one shot with a customer, so make it count by bringing the tool that sells the best: Sales Builder Pro. Only Sales Builder Pro works so effectively to help you sell more in less time, with good – better – best proposals and tools to earn that one-call close.

Custom Branded Proposals to Wow Your Customers

  • Wow Your Customers. Generate professional good – better – best proposals in under minutes, together with your customer.

  • One-Call Close: Close more deals right at the kitchen table on the first visit! Winning on the first visit saves you time and blocks out your competition.

  • Use the Comfort Survey Form to Drive Customer Satisfaction: Leave nothing to chance by gathering all the information you need — on every sales visit — to improve your follow-up win rates. You’ll discover everything the customer wants and have it all at your fingertips. Learn More.

  • Easy-to-Use Custom Branding: We’ve partnered with InSeason Marketing to make it easy for you to customize Sales Builder Pro with your own brand elements, such as your graphics, colors, and photos of your technicians, repairs or installations. Learn more.


Use the Comfort Survey Form to Drive Customer Satisfaction

The Comfort Survey helps you focus on your customer’s personal comfort needs on a room-by-room basis. You’ll uncover family health issues and document air quality improvement opportunities. You’ll be better prepared to discuss equipment efficiency and the impact on energy bills. Plus, you’ll have everything you need for a successful follow-up call.

Automated cloud storage means call center staff, sales managers, and owners also have access to all the information needed to help move the deal forward when the consultant isn’t available.

Document and Display ALL Your Customer’s Needs In One Place — Always Accessible


The Comfort Survey is an engaging, interactive sales tool that helps you discover and document the needs, wants, and wishes of every customer. It also allows you to perform follow-up work and manage your sales team from a distance, ensuring full transparency and accountability.

  • In-Home Photos. Use photos to document your sales call — pet photographs build rapport with customers — and jog your memory for better follow-up calls.
  • Automatic Record-Keeping. Keep Sales Builder Pro proposals and Comfort Surveys on your tablet — no more hunting for lost files or shuffling papers.
  • Customize Your Comfort Survey. Start with our professionally designed Comfort Survey form. Then, customize it to reflect your own value proposition to fit your company and target market.

Customize Your Comfort Survey

Start with our professionally designed Comfort Survey. Then customize it to reflect your value proposition and to fit your target market.



Easy-to-Use Custom Branding

Customize Sales Builder Pro With Your Own Image

Integrating your brand into Sales Builder Pro gives your customers an authentic experience whenever you are presenting your company to them.

  • Rather than using generic, unrealistic stock photography, we’ll help you submit your own photos to show your actual technicians and trucks working on a job.
  • We’ll use your company colors wherever applicable.
  • We’ll ensure that your logo is high quality and use graphic elements from that logo where applicable.
View Custom Branding

The Industry’s Best Guide to Sales Growth and Profitability!

We know how hard you work to grow your business. With all the online marketing, sales support, and finance tools available today, sometimes it can be confusing about what works best to drive sales. That’s why we created a simple 10-Step Guide to Digital Sales Tools that gives you proven best practices and insights direct from our customers.

Our guide will teach you how to:

  • Sell more in less time.
  • Become more profitable and preserve your margins.
  • Build a better business.

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