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Install Manager Pro

An option for Sales Builder Pro, this smart technology improves your HVAC sales and install process.

  • Automate the Routine
  • Protect Your Profits
  • Simplify the Complex
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It's like having an install manager on every sales call.

Isn't it time you invested in smart technology to improve your HVAC sales process?

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Automate the Routine

Let the app's smart technology take care of routine install details - including materials, labor, and risk. This lets your Comfort Consultants focus on the customer to win more deals.

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Protect Your Profits

Let our revolutionary, new Risk Manager visualize your risk of overtime labor.  You won't get robbed of the profits you deserve - and you'll get the perfect plan for every HVAC install.

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Simplify the Complex

Our OEM partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC for ductless brands means that over 4,700 rules and math formulas are managed by the app.
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Get A More Professional Install Process

Automate the Routine.  Build your own install kits, or use defaults, to get an itemized bill-of-materials with labor for every install.

Protect Your Profits. Don't get robbed of the profits you deserve - get a risk estimate for every job so you can build the perfect install plan.

Simplify the Complex. For Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC ductless brands, the app checks over 4,700 install rules and does the math - so you'll order the right parts for every install.

Join hundreds of other HVAC companies and comfort consultants that use Sales Builder Pro.
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Install Manager Pro Product Features

The industry’s most complete, in-home HVAC sales tool that guarantees the right parts and labor is quoted. You'll stay on schedule and make the profit you deserve.

Install Manager Pro is a Sales Builder Pro option.


Automate the Routine

  • Fast, Accurate, and Complete
  • Adjustable at the point-of-sales for job site complexity
  • Let your Comfort Consultant focus on the customer to win more deals
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Protect Your Profits

  • Predicts the risk that a job might run into overtime
  • Add an hour or a day to stay on schedule
  • Gives you the ability to make a fair profit on every job
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Simplify the Complex

  • Breakthrough in Simplicity
  • Follows All Compatibility Rules and Exceptions
  • Generates Part Numbers, Pricing, Labor Hours and Install Risk
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Let's Transform Your Business.

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