Install Manager Pro

Install Manager Pro

More Profitable Installs

Only Sales Builder Pro can preserve your profits with our powerful yet simple Site Survey and Install Manager Pro tools.

Use the Site Survey to Protect Margins

Unscheduled rollover days and wasted return trips to retrieve missing parts cost contractors hundreds of dollars. Worse yet, most rollovers occur during peak season — when the loss of a day means the potential loss of a profitable job — an opportunity cost of thousands of dollars.

The Site Survey, included in our Preferred and Premium Packages, helps contractors eliminate these problems and improves their bottom line. You’ll get three professionally designed Site Surveys — one each for unitary, boilers, and ductless — and get a better install every time. Photo documentation and data capture solve the age-old problem of communication between the Comfort Consultant and install crew, leading to a successful, more profitable install. Photodocumentation with automated cloud storage means everyone has access to the data they need to get the job done right the first time.


Photo Documentation for Clear Communication

Photos document all aspects of the install – unit placement, line runs and more – eliminate sales rep to install team miscommunications. 



No More Lost Files or Paper Shuffling

Keeping Sales Builder Pro proposals and Quality Installation Checklists in one place ends lost files and paper shuffling — automatically.

Optimize Surveys

Start with our professionally designed checklists — unitary, boiler, and ductless. Then optimize to the way you work.

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Earn More With Install Manager Pro

Don’t get robbed of the profits you deserve. With the Install Manager Pro module, you’ll no longer have to worry about part runs, rollovers, or callbacks. Let the app’s smart technology take care of the routine install details — materials, labor, and risk. Plus, only Sales Builder Pro has taken the industry-leading next step of using algorithms to help you manage risk. 

  • Hours forecast and rollover risk: Every install includes a forecast of the hours required to complete the job as well as the probability that a job might roll over to another day. Install managers can use this information to determine the best way to staff a job that includes rollover risk. 
  • Bill of materials: Install Manager Pro also includes a detailed list of materials needed for the install — ensuring that all materials are quoted, purchased, and on the truck at the time of the install.  
  • List of questions: We include a standard list of questions that are easily modified to include what’s most important to your business. When you use Install Manager Pro, your installation crew will have all the right materials to get the job done quickly and in the estimated amount of time. 
  • Let our revolutionary Risk Manager visualize your risk of overtime labor. You won't get robbed of the profits you deserve — and you'll get the perfect plan for every HVAC install.
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Automate the Routine

Let the app's smart technology take care of routine install details, including materials, labor, and risk. Your Comfort Consultants can focus on customers to win more deals.

Protect Your Profits

Let our revolutionary Risk Manager visualize your risk of overtime labor. You won't get robbed of the profits you deserve and you'll have a perfect plan for every install. 

Simplify the Complex

Our OEM partnership with Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC for ductless brands means that over 4,700 rules and math formulas are automatically managed for you by the app.

The Industry’s Best Guide to Sales Growth and Profitability!

We know how hard you work to grow your business. With all the online marketing, sales support, and finance tools available today, sometimes it can be confusing about what works best to drive sales. That’s why we created a simple 10-Step Guide to Digital Sales Tools that gives you proven best practices and insights direct from our customers.

Our guide will teach you how to:

  • Sell more in less time.
  • Become more profitable and preserve your margins.
  • Build a better business.

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